About 100 demonstrate against Nazis, police in downtown Olympia

About 100 demonstrators march past Olympia City Hall Saturday night.
About 100 demonstrators march past Olympia City Hall Saturday night. Staff

About 100 demonstrators marched through downtown Olympia Saturday evening chanting "Nazis out of Oly" as well as anti-police slogans.

Many in the crowd wore black and had bandanas covering their faces. A few were carrying bats. They passed out fliers saying they were there to counter a Nazi gathering that had been called for Saturday night in Olympia.

The group gathered about 7 p.m. near the Harbor Days vendor tents on Percival Landing then set out up Fourth Avenue about 8 p.m., carrying a banner that read “All Cops are Bastards.” They marched past City Hall, then back to Percival Landing. Some were lighting fireworks; others knocked over trash cans, but passersby picked them up.

One young man who was watching the crowd remarked, “We do need the police. Otherwise, I’d have to be down here. I’m in the Army, by the way.”

When a white truck drove through the crowd of demonstrators near the Big Whisky at Fifth and Franklin, one of the demonstrators with a bat hit the truck. The driver stopped, then drove away.

About 9 p.m., there were reports that a demonstrator had hit a motorcyclist, and he was taken away by ambulance.

At about 9:45 p.m., demonstrators smashed the glass in the door at City Hall. Shortly after, about 15 Olympia Police officers emerged from a police vehicle at City Hall. They were wearing riot gear and carrying night sticks. They urged all bystanders to leave the area.