Man gets 13 years for crossbow rampage

The Pe Ell man accused of lying in wait, then shooting a 26-year-old man in the neck with a crossbow and stabbing him several times, was sentenced to more than 13 years in prison Monday in Lewis County Superior Court, according to The Chronicle of Centralia.

Judge James Lawler imposed the highest sentencing range after Lehman Neil Delavergne pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, according to the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office.

Delavergne ambushed Leonard Kowalsky in the 100 block of Katula Road, shot him in the neck with a crossbow bolt and stabbed him several times in the abdomen, face, hands and chest Nov. 18.

Two days of investigation and searching ended Nov. 20 when Delavergne turned himself in after negotiations between deputies and his grandfather, according to police reports.

When Delavergne was taken in by deputies, he said, “I never meant to hurt him. I just wanted to scare him. I never meant to hurt the guy,” according to court documents.

Delavergne’s wife, Sophea, told officers the two were having marital problems and that Delavergne was angry because she was staying at Kowalsky’s house, according to court documents.

Delavergne would have faced life in prison had he proceeded to trial after originally being charged with first-degree attempted murder. The 160-month sentence imposed by Lawler was the highest possible sentence for first-degree assault, according to the prosecutor’s office.