Councilman from Vader pleads not guilty

Andy Wilson Jr., the Vader city councilman arrested Dec. 8 after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife for withdrawing money from their joint savings account, pleaded not guilty Thursday to a felony count of domestic violence.

Wilson, 85, is scheduled to go to trial on the charge the week of March 7 in Lewis County Superior Court.

According to court papers:

Wilson argued with his wife, Barbara, 61, about the missing money and got “in her face,” and doubled up his fist as if he intended to strike her.

His wife further stated that “she feared her husband was going to hit her at that time.”

Wilson allegedly threatened to “shoot (her expletive) brains out” before walking to the couple’s back bedroom, where he kept several guns. She then left the house.

Wilson was released on $5,000 bail at his initial pretrial appearance in court Thursday and ordered to stay at least 50 feet from his wife.

He will still live in Vader, but at a different residence.

He also was forced to turn in all his firearms to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.

Mayor Ken Smith said he’s unsure what effect Wilson’s arrest has on his position on the council.

“We will be in contact with our city attorney to determine the legal ramifications,” he said.

Wilson’s arrest marks the second time a Vader city councilmember has been arrested in 14 months. Rodney Allison was pulled over during a traffic stop in November 2009 and cited for driving with a suspended license. An officer also found a crystalline substance near Allison when he was being booked into the Lewis County Jail. Lab tests reportedly identified the substance as methamphetamine.

Allison was charged with meth possession, but the charges were later dropped. Prosecutors determined they could not prove whether the meth was found in a pocket of Allison’s clothing or on the floor near him at the jail.