Suspected shooter arrested in California

Lisa Melancon and her husband. (Courtesy of KIRO-TV)
Lisa Melancon and her husband. (Courtesy of KIRO-TV) Courtesy of KIRO-TV

The final suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a Tacoma code enforcement officer was arrested Monday in California, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Olujimi Blakeney, 25, was taken into custody without incident after being located in an apartment in Carmichael.

Pierce County prosecutors have already charged Blakeney, Herman Jackson and Manuel Castillo with first-degree murder and drive-by shooting for the July 22 slaying of 40-yearold Lisa Marie Melancon.

Melancon was shot as she stepped out onto the front porch of her home while calling 911 to report a fistfight in the 7200 block of South Bell Street.

Police believe Blakeney fired the fatal shot from a car fleeing the scene, according to court documents.