Olympia police raid suspected chop shop on Wiggins Road

OLYMPIA - Police recovered three stripped-down, stolen Hondas and dozens of auto parts in the garage at a residence in the 4500 block of Wiggins Road Southeast after serving a search warrant there Wednesday morning.

Olympia police Cmdr. Tor Bjornstad said police were investigating whether the garage was used as a so-called chop shop, where stolen vehicles were stripped down and their parts sold.

Detectives are looking for the son of the woman who rents the home, and the case is under investigation, Olympia police Lt. Jim Costa said. Bjornstad said police were searching for two additional persons of interest.

Costa said police obtained the search warrant Wednesday morning after learning of suspicious activity at the residence in recent months.

“There’s been a lot of activity at that place,” he said.

Cars going in and out of the residence at odd hours were a red flag for police, he said.

The Hondas found in the garage had been stolen in Puyallup, Olympia and Tumwater, he said. The thefts date back as early as October, he added. A retired State Patrol trooper assisted Olympia police at the scene Wednesday in identifying possibly stolen auto parts found in the garage, Costa said.

Costa said the recovered stolen vehicles and parts might help clear a large number of stolen-vehicle reports from the Olympia area over the past year.

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