Terrorism suspect's past: Mental illness and anger

The man accused of plotting a terrorist assault on a Seattle military recruiting station was shopping for guns and grenades while dodging creditors and drumming up clients for his cleaning and detailing business.

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, is married with a toddler son and regularly prayed at SeaTac Mosque.

He and Walli Mujahidh, also known as Frederick Dominque Jr., 32, of Los Angeles are accused of buying machine guns and planning an attack on the Military Entrance Processing Station in Seattle.

Abdul-Latif said he admired Osama bin Laden and was upset about alleged atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, according to a federal complaint.

Records also show Abdul-Latif heard voices, had visions and had a criminal rap sheet for robbery and assault by age 25. He also served a brief stint in the Navy in the mid-1990s.

Abdul-Latif lived in an apartment with his family and owned Fresh N Clean Janitorial Service, records show.

He couldn’t get ahead of the bills, including thousands of dollars in medical bills related to five emergency trips to the doctor.

Abdul-Latif was born in San Diego, where his father had been imprisoned, according to a court-ordered psychological evaluation.Abdul-Latif was raised by his mother until he was 12 and then sent to live with his dad. That same year, he tried to hang himself, according to the evaluation.

“His father was absent much of time, neglected to provide enough food and other essentials, and that the defendant was eventually placed in a group (home),” the evaluation states.

Abdul-Latif told a psychologist he had smoked marijuana and “huffed” gasoline as a teen and tried to kill himself again around his 23rd birthday by overdosing on pills prescribed for a seizure disorder. Weeks after his second suicide attempt, Abdul-Latif was charged with first-degree robbery after he held up a 7-Eleven in Bremerton with two plastic toy guns and a ski mask.

Imprisoned from January 2002 to July 2004, Abdul-Latif was charged with custodial assault while incarcerated in 2003. The conviction added 51/2 months to his sentence.

A dating profile that appears to belong to Abdul-Latif indicates he converted to Islam about nine years ago. The profile stated he was seeking a second wife who “wouldn’t mind sharing me with my current wife

He said he wanted to “make a life from the most oppressive place on this earth ‘America.’”