Police investigate NE Olympia burglaries

The Olympia Police Department is investigating a string of burglaries in northeast Olympia.

Department spokeswoman Laura Wohl said that during the past two weeks, intruders have been entering homes through the back and taking jewelry, laptops and other electronics.

“There were three burglaries on (Sept. 8) alone,” Wohl said. “Generally its not a high burglary area, so it would be strange to even have more than one in a week.”

In similar burglaries, suspects have knocked on the front doors of homes to make sure residents are gone before entering through the back, Wohl said.

“Neighbors who might be home should be on the lookout for suspicious people knocking on doors,” Wohl said.

Police are also keeping an eye on the neighborhood and have increased patrols, Wohl said. To report suspicious activity, call 911.