Thurston County Jail inmate sentenced to prison time after fractuing fellow inmate’s skull

A 22-year-old Thurston County Jail inmate who fractured another inmate’s skull will serve two years, five months in prison on third-degree assault charges.

Darelle S. Washington was sentenced in Thurston County Superior Court on Wednesday afternoon after entering a guilty plea.

Washington has been housed in the jail since July, when he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. He was sentenced to six months in jail on Aug. 29, according to court documents..

On Sept. 19, he assaulted his cellmate who had been walking around the cell and praying. The men had been cellmates since Sept. 5.

Washington allegedly punched the man on the side of his face. The man was taken to Capital Medical Center, where doctors found fractures on his skull and face, according to court documents.

Washington will finish his methamphetamine possession sentence in the Thurston County Jail on Nov. 23 and will be transported to prison to serve his assault sentence.