Olympia girl arrested after bringing knives to school, threatening students and staff

A 13-year-old girl was arrested Friday morning at Reeves Middle School after allegedly threatening students and staff, according to the Olympia Police Department.

The girl was booked into Thurston County Juvenile Detention for felony harassment and possession of dangerous weapons in a school.

The Olympia Police Department gave the following account of the incident:

Police responded to Reeves Middle School about 11:50 a.m. after school staff reported that the girl had left the bathroom holding two knives. She appeared to be very agitated.

Administrators coaxed her into a conference room, where they held her until police arrived.

Officers confronted the girl, and she dropped the knives. They were able to handcuff her without using force, and found a note threatening students and staff when they searched her.

No one was injured.

Olympia School District spokeswoman Rebecca Japhet said no students were in immediate danger during the incident, and that school staff followed protocol to prevent any injuries.

“We are really proud of how our administrators handled things today,” Japhet said. “We have a great partnership with the Olympia Police Department.”

School officials Friday sent an informational letter to Reeves Middle School families about the incident, with a reminder to report dangerous activity.

“This event provides us with a good opportunity to remind students and parents that if they know of a situation where a student is exhibiting signs that could lead to dangerous behavior, they should contact school administrators or counselors right away,” the letter read.

The school will also have counselors present Monday to address student concerns.