Police seek robbery suspect fleeing Lacey Walmart

A man suspected of shoplifting allegedly pulled a gun on store security and then fled Walmart Supercenter at 1401 Galaxy Dr., Lacey at about 4:30 p.m. Friday, according to Lacey Police commander Jim Mack.

Several agencies were dispatched to the scene after reports came in as a possible active shooter.

“We did get some 911 calls that said shots were fired in the store,” Mack said.

However, officers determined that no shots were fired at the scene, he added.

“We also were told there were shoppers hiding, and officers swept the store, for any dangers, and there weren’t any dangers,” Mack said. “The suspect was one suspect and he was gone.”

No injuries were reported, according to dispatchers.

Police believe the man fled the scene in a vehicle, and the case is under investigation, Mack added.