Lacey Walmart robbery suspect arrested in Astoria, Oregon

Lacey police reported late Saturday that a man who allegedly robbed the Lacey Walmart at gunpoint Friday afternoon had been arrested in Astoria, Oregon.

Jonathan Langford of Puyallup was expected to be extradited to Washington as soon as Monday, Lacey police said.

Lacey police followed leads to learn that Langford had traveled south. Officers alerted Astoria police to look out for the car Langford was driving. He was arrested about 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police responded to the Walmart on Galaxy Drive about 4:30 p.m. Friday after receiving reports of an active shooter. Cmdr. Jim Mack said the suspect had been detained for shoplifting by store security and pulled out a gun. He then ran from the store.

“We did get some 911 calls that said shots were fired in the store,” Mack said.

Officers determined that no shots were fired.

“We also were told there were shoppers hiding, and officers swept the store for any dangers, and there weren’t any,” Mack said. “The suspect was one suspect and he was gone.”

The suspect’s vehicle was identified using Walmart security footage, and traced to a Puyallup home, Detective Miguel Stansberry said. Langford was identified as the vehicle’s owner.

Police had considered him “armed and dangerous,” Stansberry said.