High bail set for suspect in downtown Olympia assault

A Thurston County judge set bail at $25,000 for Sol Grover, the man accused of assaulting a woman, a Les Schwab employee and a police officer in downtown Olympia.

The 32-year-old Olympia man appeared before Judge James Dixon on Thursday afternoon. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

“Mr. Grover is allegedly willing to assault anyone and everyone that comes his way,” Dixon said.

Court documents give the following account of Grover’s arrest:

An Olympia police officer responded to the downtown Olympia Les Schwab, 210 State Ave., at about 11 a.m. after receiving reports of an assault. He immediately recognized the suspect as Grover, as officers had already interacted with him three times that day.

The officer ordered Grover to lie on the ground, but he ignored commands. As the officer approached, Grover balled up his fists, tensed his muscles and pulled away as the officer grabbed him. He then swung at the officer, making slight contact with his cheek.

Officers were eventually able to arrest Grover and place him in a patrol car.

They then spoke to the female victim, who said she was behind the Les Schwab building when Grover approached her and asked if she wanted a smoke. She said no, and he threw a lighter at her. The woman felt uncomfortable and walked to her car, which was parked in the Les Schwab parking lot.

A Les Schwab employee said he saw Grover harassing the woman and walked over to intervene. Grover punched him in the face, then grabbed the woman’s vest. Other Les Schwab employees were able to separate them before police arrived.

Deputy Prosecutor Joseph Wheeler said Grover has a lengthy criminal history, with charges including assault, robbery and escape. He also has three outstanding warrants from Steilacoom and Grays Harbor County courts.

His arraignment is scheduled for April 14.