Olympia woman gets probation after threatening to kill schoolchildren

A west Olympia woman received 12 months’ probation after she threatened to “kill a school full of children.”

Karin M. Kibler, 37, also was sentenced Monday at Thurston County Superior Court to 90 days in jail but was given credit for time served. She had pleaded guilty to one count of felony harassment.

As part of her sentence, Kibler must undergo chemical dependency and mental health treatment, and she is prohibited from entering any school property for five years. She is not allowed to consume alcohol or use the Internet without restrictions.

Kibler was arrested Jan. 16 after the FBI contacted the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office about an online tip. According to court documents, Kibler sent a profanity-laced email that included the threat as well as references to time travel, President Barack Obama and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

“I’m about to shoot up a school full of children just to be heard to prevent more past wars from happening,” said the email from Kibler, who lives in the Griffin School District. “I am documenting this and when I kill a school full of children, consider it a triage!!!”

When a deputy asked Kibler why she mentioned shooting up a school full of children, she replied, “I just feel like it needs to be done,” according to court documents.

Documents also show that Kibler previously had been diagnosed with a mental illness.

At Monday’s hearing, Judge James Dixon granted Kibler a first-time offender waiver, as requested by prosecutors. That status requires probation along with the mental health treatment, including ongoing therapy and medication. Dixon said the sentence will hold Kibler accountable while allowing treatment services that she might not otherwise get.

“The first-time offender option benefits both the community and the offender,” Dixon told the court.