Father fights road rage suspects who chased son in Olympia

Two suspects were arrested late Sunday after a road rage incident escalated into a fight involving a knife and a rifle.

Kiley Alan Osland, 25, and Chelsea Renee Marasigan, 20, appeared in court Monday. Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon set bail at $15,000 for Osland, who had six prior felonies including assault and felony harassment.

He set bail at $3,000 for Marasigan, who will be arraigned June 2.

The two face two counts of second degree assault and two counts of felony harassment. Court documents say the suspects also made death threats to the victims.

The road rage originated in west Olympia, said Lt. Cliff Ziesemer, and the victim reported that the male suspect had been waving his knife out the window while trying to chase him down.

The suspects allegedly followed the victim to his father’s house northeast of Olympia, according to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim’s father came out of the house with a loaded rifle, and after a verbal argument, the male suspect who was wielding a knife began struggling with the father for control of the gun, Ziesemer said.

The father hit the suspect in the mouth with the butt of the rifle, Ziesemer said, and fired a couple of warning rounds to scare away the suspects.

Deputies later arrested the two suspects as they sought treatment at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Ziesemer said.