Fake bomb found in Olympia trailer park

Olympia police were investigating a fake bomb that was found in a mobile home park Monday night.

Officers responded about 8 p.m. to BMC Trailer Park, near the intersection of Martin Way and Phoenix Street, after a woman reported finding what looked like a bomb sitting near a stack of wood in the corner of the park, Lt. Paul Lower said.

“They found a cloth bag with a bunch of wires and cylinders hanging out,” Lower said. “It looked very much like a bomb.”

Officers sent a photo of the device to the Washington State Patrol Explosives Unit, which advised police to close Martin Way and evacuate the trailer park. The park was closed and traffic was stopped until 11:30 p.m.

The explosives unit examined the device and determined that it wasn’t a bomb — but it had likely been made to look like a bomb, Lower said.

“We have the item; everything is safe,” Lower said. “But we’re not sure why it was put here, or who put it here.”

Suspicious items and potential bombs aren’t entirely uncommon in Olympia, Lower said. But devices made to look like bombs are rare.

“We do come across suspicious packages every once in a while, but nothing like this,” Lower said. “Usually we’re able to take care of them without calling in the bomb squad.”