Man accused of assaulting stepfather in Burger King parking lot

Bail was set at $20,000 Monday for a man accused of assaulting his stepfather in a Burger King parking lot in a fight over a pickup truck.

Mark Kenneth Overbey, 36, appeared Monday in Thurston County Superior Court. He faces a pending charge of second-degree assault/domestic violence. Arraignment is scheduled for July 14.

Overbey was arrested about 1:15 a.m. Saturday after police were called to a fight between two men outside the Burger King restaurant at College Street and Martin Way near the Lacey-Olympia city line.

According to court documents, Overbey and his stepfather had gotten into an argument over the use of a Dodge pickup truck. The truck is registered in the stepfather’s name, but he lets Overbey use it. The stepfather told police that Overbey lives out of the truck and is a heroin user.

The stepfather had dropped off the truck at Burger King, but Overbey thought the stepfather had broken the truck. Overbey then started punching his stepfather in the face and eventually knocked him unconscious with a kick to the face, according to court documents.

The stepfather said he awoke to see Overbey driving around the parking lot in his box truck, and he thought Overbey was going to run him over. Overbey then got out of the truck and started punching the stepfather again. The stepfather got into the box truck and drove away, and Overbey began chasing him onto Interstate 5 in the Dodge pickup, according to court documents.

The stepfather was treated by the Lacey Fire Department for injuries to his face and head, according to court documents. At Monday’s hearing, Judge James Dixon issued a no-contact order, noting the severity of the violence in the allegations.