Suspects plead guilty in 2013 Thurston County robbery case

Two men pleaded guilty to robbery charges Tuesday in a Thurston County case that has been pending for almost two years.

Antonio D. Baker, 25, and Jevon R. James, 23, appeared before Judge Mary Sue Wilson in Thurston County Superior Court. They each pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree robbery.

The two men were arrested Sept. 7, 2013 after they tried to rob a Thurston County mobile home at gunpoint. A third defendant, 28-year-old Kevon L. Olivere, is charged with six counts of first-degree robbery while armed with a deadly weapon and one count of first-degree burglary.

Olivere is scheduled to stand trial the week of July 13, and deputy prosecutor Mark Thompson said that Baker and James will testify at his trial as a condition of their plea agreements.

Thompson also said that he will recommend a seven-year, five-month prison sentence for Baker and a six-year, five-month sentence for James.

He said the difference in the sentences stems from the suspects’ roles in the robbery. Baker and Olivere are believed to have entered the house during the robbery, while James remained outside.

Both defendants waived their right to a speedy sentencing and will likely be sentenced following Olivere’s trial.

Court documents give the following account of the events leading to the three suspects’ arrests:

Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call made from a mobile home in Tony’s Trailer Park the evening of Sept. 7, 2013. A Spanish-speaking man had called and asked for the police, but didn’t answer any questions.

A deputy knocked on the door of the mobile home, and a man came outside. The man told the deputy that everything was OK. The deputy could tell by the man’s accent that he wasn’t the person who had called 911.

Deputies entered the mobile home and found six men lying on the living room floor. One of the men had a large gash over his eye.

One suspect, later identified as Baker, was standing in the room. He was arrested.

A second suspect, Olivere, fled through a bedroom window. He left behind an AR 15 rifle. A deputy was able to catch and arrest him.

A third suspect, James, was arrested a few minutes later.