Pipe bomb discovered in Lacey park

Law enforcement agencies are investigating a pipe bomb discovered at a Lacey park early Saturday morning.

Lacey police responded to reports of a homemade explosive device at Long Lake Park at 5:34 a.m. Police determined that the device was a pipe bomb, and called the Washington State Patrol Explosives Unit, Trooper Guy Gill said.

The fuse on the pipe bomb appeared to have been lit, but the device hadn’t detonated.

Gill said the man who found the bomb had picked it up and moved it to a populated area before calling 911. If people find explosive devices, they shouldn’t touch them, Gill said.

“If anything seems strange, don’t touch it,” Gill said. “Call the police and they’ll respond appropriately.”

No one was injured, and the explosives unit was able to safely dispose of the pipe bomb. The origins of the bomb haven’t been determined.