Olympia nurse practitioner could face sanctions after attending swingers sex clubs with patient

An Olympia-based nurse-practitioner faces charges of unprofessionally conduct after a female patient told state investigators the nurse took her to swinger clubs in Portland and Everett.

The state Department of Health said Arlene T. Oliver could face sanctions, including the loss of her license, if the charges are substantiated.

Oliver was formerly employed at Providence St. Peter Hospital Outpatient Psychiatric Services.

According to Department of Health documents, a 31-year-old female patient began treatment with Oliver for attention-deficit disorder in May 2013. During a July session, Oliver told the patient about two swinger clubs in Portland and Everett, and told the patient “not to be surprised” if she saw her there.

In late July or early August, the patient attended one club with Oliver and her husband and watched people perform sex acts. In late August, she attended another club with Oliver and her husband.

The patient ended her professional relationship with Oliver in August of that year.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said Oliver has requested a hearing on the accusation. It is scheduled for Sept. 22 before a disciplinary panel of the state Nursing Commission.