Tumwater school board member who resigned backs write-in candidate for her seat

Following her abrupt resignation from the Tumwater school board last week, Khalia Davis is backing a write-in candidate for her seat.

Davis’ name will still appear on the Nov. 5 ballot. She was running unopposed but wrote in her resignation letter she would not accept the position if elected.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Davis encouraged voters to write in C. Scott Kee, a civil lawyer who planned to file Thursday to run as a write-in candidate.

“I have had several discussions with Scott, and I feel that his vision is aligned with what I had in mind for the Tumwater School District,” she wrote.

Kee and his wife, Tami, have three children in district schools and write a blog recapping school board meetings and decisions.

In a June post, Kee criticized the board for not taking a more active role in budget decisions, including contract negotiations with teachers in 2018 that led to a strike and delayed the start of school nearly two weeks.

“While I do not expect TSD, or the Board, to fully bargain in public, I do believe the topic was of the utmost importance last summer and the Board members should have used the public meetings to outline their respective thoughts, and taken some ownership of the process,” he wrote.

In her resignation letter, Davis said she was frustrated by the board’s lack of transparency and lack of input on school district policies.