Student spotlight: Nicholas Martel

Nicholas Martel: Mock government participant

Age: 17

School: Timberline High School

Grade: 12

Hometown: Tegernsee, Germany

Parents: Michael and Simone Martel

Best achievements: being chosen to participate in the American Legion Evergreen Boys State mock government

How I spend my time: playing video games with my friends, and homework

Favorite subject: history

Favorite book: "A Clockwork Orange," by Anthony Burgess

Favorite movie: "Thirteenth Warrior"

Dream job: archaeologist

Someone I respect: my dad, because he's accomplished so much in his life.

College I'd like to attend: St. John's College, New Mexico

Someone famous I'd like to meet: Congressman Ron Paul, because he represents the ideals of the Founding Fathers

What I'd like to achieve: be able to enjoy my life

Someday looking back on my life, I'd like to be able to say: that I finished better than I started

Biggest challenge facing teenagers today: apathy

One thing in the world I would change if I could: that people would take responsibility for their actions

Teacher comment: "Nick is a highly motivated student and extremely hard worker. His excellent sense of humor is a welcome contribution to the difficult concepts and problems encountered in class. He can be counted on to support his classmates." Greg Burkhart, physics teacher, Timberline High School