Elizabeth Marie Mackfay: Admires the ‘Twilight’ book series, movies

Age: 18

Grade: Graduate

School: North Thurston High School

Hometown: Lacey

Parents: Douglas T. and Raeanna L. Mackfay

Best personal achievement: Finishing high school

How I spend my time: Hang out with friends and my boyfriend.

Favorite subjects: Math

Favorite movies: “The Covenant” and “Twilight”

Favorite books: The “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer

Dream job: Fashion designer

Someone I respect: My mother

College I’d like to attend: The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising or the Art Institute of Seattle

Someone famous I’d like to meet: The “Twilight” saga cast.

Someday, looking back on my life I’d like to be able to say: I like how I lived my life and I would not change a thing about my past.

Biggest challenge facing teenagers today: They never listen to what you have to say and they are hard to work with because they think they know it all.

One thing in the world I would change if I could: I would change myself because I want to be outgoing and not to be shy.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I hope to see myself with my own business in fashion.

Staff comment: “Elizabeth Mackfay has been a peer tutor for developmentally delayed students in my adaptive physical education class this year. “Liz” has an ability to observe a situation and recognize where her assistance is most needed. Her perfect attendance enabled me to completely rely on her. The students she’s been assisting have thrived with her consistent efforts. Liz will certainly be missed after she graduates.” – Don Hagey, teacher, North Thurston High School