Reader salutes

On October 31, Captain Bill and the Lost Boys Pirates, in full regalia, sailed their ship, the Son of the Morning Star, into Nisqually Pines.

Several hundred children and children at heart had a great day visiting with the Pirates.

During the almost eight hours, the Pirates were in the Pines, they provided tours of their ship to everyone. Pictures were taken, toys, trinkets, stuffed animals, T-shirts, and beads were distributed to everyone, all ages, male and female alike. The younger children were taught how to fight with the pirates using Realm of Chivalry rules. Winners of the contests received prizes for their valor. The cannons and guns, so loud! The children and adults went wild! After the first “Fire in the Hole” everyone learned to cover their ears. Many of the children found the cannons and fighting special treats and came back several times for more.

The Pines made a small donation to the Pirates to get the ship sailing, but we could all tell that when the ship left, it’s “booty” was less and the treasure coffers were much, much lighter. Our donation did not cover their expenses, but that did not deter the Pirates from providing a fantastic and much enjoyed event for us. Thank you to Captain Bill and the Lost Boys Pirates for a wonderful day! We hope to have you back and highly recommend you to anyone who would like a unique and special treat.

Tonie Barton, Nisqually Pines board of directors and residents, Yelm

Thank You Evergreen Forest Elementary School and the Washington State National Honor Guard!

I would like to thank the Washington State National Honor Guard and the fourth grade students of Evergreen Forest Elementary School for the wonderful job they did at the school’s Veterans Day assembly. The National Honor Guard graciously conducted the flag ceremony with the voices of the children singing “This is America” as they stood on the risers. The students truly sang their hearts out! The combination of the precision of the Honor Guard and the angelic voices of the children was so sincerely heartfelt that the audience was held captivated by this spell-bound moment in time. There was not a dry eye in the audience, including myself when I was to return to the podium to carry on the next part of the assembly. All I could do was let the tears of pride stream down my face until my heartbeat eased enough to let me speak. As a public speaker, this has never happened to me before. I thank the children of Evergreen Forest Elementary School and our military service men and women for this humbling experience.

Karen Johnson, Olympia, principal of Evergreen Forest Elementary School