Komachin students at Legislature today

Students, teachers and staff members from Komachin Middle School in Lacey are to testify today in front of the state Senate Committee on Early Learning and K-12 Education.

The group will talk about how the 730-student school integrates environmental lessons throughout its curriculum, according to Dixie Reimer, science instructional coach for North Thurston Public Schools.

For example, students use a garden on campus to grow fresh produce for the food bank, compost food from their cafeteria and perform water-quality tests on the Deschutes River.

“We have a real strong emphasis and value around stewardship and sustainability through service learning,” said science teacher Tom Condon.

Komachin recently received a $25,000 grant from the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for its efforts in teaching science, technology and mathematics.

The money will go toward purchasing equipment for a solar-power car competition; hosting a science, math and technology fair for the district’s middle school students; and buying supplies for classroom science-related projects, Reimer said.

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