South Sound Scholars for May 1


Joan Wood, Olympia, has been awarded a $500 Life Enrichment, non-renewable scholarship by Royal Neighbors of America.


The following South Sound students were named to the Saint Martin’s University’s fall semester dean’s list:

Marina Agloro, Yelm; Kenneth Aguilar, DuPont; Jacob Ames, Rochester; Sheryl Atoigue, Tumwater; Gerald Baldwin, Lacey; Bronwen Barnes, Lacey; Christopher Baroldy, Lacey; Clinton Barr, Olympia; Kristine Barratt, Lacey; Timothy Bechtold, Lacey; Brian Bellows, Lacey; Ryan Blanco, Lacey; Michelle Blankenship, Tumwater; Rebecca Blanton, Shelton; Zachary Boardman, Olympia; Kelsey Bochenek, Lacey; Frank Boss, Olympia; Amanda Boyce, Olympia; Eric Breding, Lacey; Alesha Brooks, Olympia; Heather Brooks, Tumwater; Chris Brown, Lacey; Wade Bruce, DuPont;

Steven Cable, Lacey; Audrey Carandang, Lacey; Michael Caranto, Lacey; Patrick Carroll, Olympia; Jesus Chaidez, Lacey; Monika Chamberlain, Lacey; Courtney Choi, Olympia; Kaila Clark, Lacey; Summer Cromwell, Lacey; William Crosby, Rochester; Kyle Crume, Shelton; Anthony Cruz-Martinez, Fort Lewis; Keith Cummings, Lacey; Jillian Davenport, Yelm; Wenjia Ding, Lacey; Holly Dinsmoor, Rainier; Chase Doughty, Lacey; Kaleb Duplessis, Lacey; Alexis Egolf, Olympia; Mark Enslow, Shelton; Blaine Evans, Lacey; Lynn Eville, Olympia; Crystal Flaten, Lacey; Jasmine Fuller, Olympia; Abigail Fulton, Olympia;

Sarah Gabel, Lacey; Stevi Garness, Olympia; Tiffanie Garry, Yelm; Nicole Glenn, Olympia; Jesse Gomez, Olympia; Edeltraud Gonzalez, Fort Lewis; Amber Graves, Olympia; Richard Griffith, Olympia; Carlos Guevara, Fort Lewis; Britania Hanson, Olympia; Chelsea Haskey, Tumwater; James Heffron, DuPont; Tara Heying, Lacey; Brandon Hicks, Rochester; Teresa Holley, Lacey; Brian Holt, Olympia; Shelby Hoover, Lacey; Katie Howell, Olympia; Russell Huebner, Lacey; Kollene Iwai, Olympia; Nicole Jaeger, Olympia; Alicia Keith, Shelton; Michael Kennish, Lacey; Michael Kinney, Olympia; Lindsay Knight, Lacey; Kayleen Kondrack, Olympia; Stacy LaClair, Shelton; Geoffrey LaForce, Olympia; Jesse Lamp, Olympia; Cody Laramie, Lacey; Danity Laukon, Yelm; Anthony Le, Olympia; Renee Leach, Lacey; Kelly Leaverton, Lacey; Megan Lemon, Tumwater; Kailah Lenz, Olympia; Ethan Leon, Olympia; Dana Libby, Olympia; Kelsi Logan, Rochester; Mary Long, Olympia; Lucrecia Longshore, Yelm; Carmen Luce, Olympia;

Michelle Mailhot, Olympia; Eric Mann, Lacey; Veronica Martin, Olympia; Daniel Mast, Lacey; Sarah May, Olympia; Ryan McGeary, Olympia; Ciera McGuire, Olympia; Adrian McKoy, Lacey; Douglas McLees, Olympia; Taylor Meadows, Olympia; Kimberly Menius, Lacey; Amy Merritt, Rochester; Haani Metra, Lacey; Christina Miller, Rochester; Kira Milligan, Olympia; Anna Minor, Lacey; Joscelyn Minton, Shelton; John Mitchell, Fort Lewis; Shawn Modersohn, Olympia; Luciana Mohler, Olympia; Michael Moore, Lacey; Darin Motz, Olympia; Krystin Murphy, Tenino; Allison Myers, Olympia; January Mysak, Olympia; Thuy Nguyen, Olympia; Nicholas Olson, Lacey;

Emily Parnham, Lacey; Rebekah Peer, Yelm; Brittany Pegues, Lacey; Jessica Pendon, Olympia; Nicole Phillips, Lacey; Christopher Poulakidas, Olympia; Jessica Powell, Lacey; Lyubov Pripa, Olympia; Jennifer Quichocho, Olympia; Corey Ramstein, Olympia; Megan Richardson, Lacey; Michelle Richburg, Olympia; April Roberts, Yelm; Joshua Roblee, Lacey; Joseph Rood, Olympia;

Rebeka Santos, Olympia; Jamie Saunders, Lacey; Michael Schaeper, Lacey; Margaret Schaffer, Lacey; James Schmid, Lacey; Emilie Schnabel, Shelton; Fredrick Schouviller, Olympia; Julie Schroeder, Olympia; Jason Schuyler, Lacey; Nina Sebastian, Olympia; Allison Senkarik, Olympia; Nicole Sharkody, Olympia; Kimber Simonetti, Olympia; James Simons, Olympia; Corey Skriletz, Olympia; Justin Smith, Olympia; Pamela Sowers, Olympia; Ashley Sparks, Yelm; Stephanie Spriggs, Olympia; Saul Stafford, Lacey; Jessica Stillwell, Olympia; Jessica Stone, Tumwater; Caleb Stromstad, Olympia; Timea Talaber, Lacey; Maria Tejada, Lacey; Timothy Templin, Olympia; Ryan Thedy, Tumwater; Melinda Thomas, Olympia; Kelsey Thompson, Olympia; Samantha Thompson, Olympia; Jason Tirrell, Olympia; Chavala Trigg, Fort Lewis; Ashley Troche, Olympia; Arzu Twitty, Olympia; Lloyd Tyre, McChord AFB;

Joanne Valdez, Yelm; Brittani Vance, Fort Lewis; Johnathan Velez, Olympia; Varinia Vigueras Robles Linares, Lacey; Guadalupe Villela, Fort Lewis; Will Voight, Olympia; Josephine Vose, Fort Lewis; Marjory Ware, Lacey; Kate Washington, Yelm; McKenzie Watson, Rochester; Sarah Weber, Lacey; Jordan Weiks, Olympia; Bree West, Shelton; Makenzie Wetz, Olympia; Christopher Wilkinson, Fort Lewis; Alexander Williams, Olympia; Arthur Wilson, DuPont; Jason Wilson, Lacey; Kaden Wulf, Shelton; Nicholas Wyatt, Rochester; Ashley Yunker, Tumwater.


 • Colin Joseph Brislawn of Tumwater, has been named to the dean’s list for 2010 fall semester at Juniata College. Brislawn, the son of Michael and Janet Brislawn, is a graduate of A G West Black Hills High School.

 • Emily Palmer of Olympia, has been named to the dean’s list in the University of Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies during the fall 2010 semester.


 • David Christopher Winfield, Olympia, was inducted into the Alpha Xi Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at South Puget Sound Community College.

 • Tenino High School FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) attended the state Business Leadership Conference. Three out of nine members who competed at the Capital Region Conference qualified to proceed to state. The qualifiers were Saranda Lund, Connor Stakelin and Rosie Jennings. Other members who competed at the regional conference were: Tiah Kimrough, Palvi Naiker, Jimmy Baker, Joleen Sanders, Chris McCracken and Sarah Johnson.