Olympia, Yelm teachers vote to walk off the job

Teachers in the Olympia School District have scheduled a half-day walkout for Tuesday afternoon “in response to the Legislature’s failure to adhere to the state’s Constitutional mandate to fully fund public education,” according to a post on the district’s website.

The Olympia Education Association voted to join thousands of teachers in more than 50 districts across the state that have participated in what the Washington Education Association refers to as a “rolling walkout.”

The district has adjust its schedule to release students at midday Tuesday. Half-day kindergarten and preschool classes will be canceled, and buses will run on a half-day schedule.

The last day of school, June 12, will be converted from a half day to a full day to make up the lost instructional time, according to the district’s website. For more information, go to

Meantime, teachers in Tumwater will hold a one-day walkout Friday, and Yelm teachers say they will walk off the job Wednesday.

“We’re protesting the Legislature’s refusal to fund smaller class sizes for all students, which is required by law,” Mike Snodgrass, president of the Yelm Education Association, said in a news release. “The Legislature also is failing to fund the professional, competitive salaries and health benefits needed to continue attracting and keeping dedicated, qualified teachers in Yelm.”

North Thurston educators held a half-day walkout on Wednesday, during time that was reserved for professional development and training.