Who’s buying what when it comes to weed in Washington

The plant wins out over concentrates across every generation, in latest market survey in Washington state.
The plant wins out over concentrates across every generation, in latest market survey in Washington state. Bloomberg file, 2017

The state’s retail pot industry is an endless trove of measurable buying patterns, including who’s buying and what they’re buying.

The cannabis tech and market data company Headset recently revealed generational and gender data in its latest market analysis.

It’s based on September sales by participating Washington marijuana retailers linked up with Headset’s analytics software.

Here are some highlights:

Who’s buying: Millennials took the lead, at 51 percent of total market purchases. Gen X was at 34 percent, while baby boomers came in at 15 percent. The Silent Generation (those 76 and older) contributed to just a handful of sales, but enough for statistical analysis.

By gender: Men, percent-wise, are the majority customer in every generation.

Women make up a larger percent of the market for Gen X and boomers than the other generations (35 percent and 38 percent, respectively.) Millennial women were at 31 percent, and Silent Generation women, who make up the smallest percent share of any generation measured, were at 22 percent.

What they’re buying: Flower (buds) led the way for every generation.

The second-most popular products were different, depending on age. For millennials, that would be concentrates. Gen X: concentrates and vapor pens. Boomers: Vapor pens and pre-rolled cigarettes. The Silent Generation’s second most popular purchase was strictly vapor pens.

What they’re paying: A sample “basket” comparison of average item pricing came in highest for the Silent Generation at $21.09, compared with boomers, $17.16; Gen X, $15.33; and millennials, $13.87.

The higher-priced baskets bought by the Silent Generation can be traced to two things that push the totals up: more spending in the vapor pen category but also a preference for more pricey buds. The average flower item price for millennials was about $17 while it was $24 for the Silent Generation.

What they’re smoking: The majority of pot strains sold across most of the generations are hybrid. The Silent Generation smoked a little less hybrid and more straight-up sativa and indica.

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