Texting and driving? Illinois troopers are watching for you — from inside semi-trucks

The truck driver you’re hoping will honk his horn may well be an Illinois State Trooper.

That’s thanks to Trooper in a Truck, an Illinois State Police program aimed at cracking down on distracted driving, WGN reported.

The program, a partnership with the Illinois Trucking Association, places troopers in the cabs of semi-trucks where the height allows them to better identify distracted driving, NBC Chicago reported.

Troopers in the truck will alert nearby units when a violation is spotted, WJOL reported.

“As we’ve seen in the last 10 years, distracted driving in my opinion has overtaken alcohol,” Master Sgt. Bryan Falat said, according to WGN.

Troopers say they’re on the look out for drivers who are texting or driving erratically, among other violations, according to NBC Chicago.

“It’s day and night that people are doing it, so many people are getting hurt so many people are dying because of it,” Falat said, according to WGN.

Illinois is not the only state putting its troopers in semis. Nebraska has its own Trooper in a Truck program and both Tennessee and Florida have semi-trucks in their fleet.

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