Couple arrested for inciting melee at children amusement center in Texas, cops say

A Texas couple was arrested after causing a disturbance at Urban Air Adventure amusement park, Laredo police report.

Police were called to the 6300 block of McPherson Road on Sunday at approximately 9:32 p.m. to address a reported assault .

Upon arrival, witnesses told police April Ramirez, 25, and Austin James Galarza, 25, assaulted two victims, who also spoke to police. The assault started after Ramirez began to curse loudly and harass the female victim, according to police.

Feeling uneasy about the encounter, the female victim decided to leave the amusement park. However, police said Ramirez followed her outside.

“The second victim attempting to diffuse the situation got between the first victim and Ramirez as Ramirez was walking towards the victim in an aggressive manner,” a news release from the police department stated.

Ramirez reportedly threw a sandal at the victim, escalating the situation “while her boyfriend, identified as Galarza, began pushing and grabbing both female victims,” police said. Another witness attempted to break up the melee, but was also assaulted.

Ramirez and Galarza attempted to flee the scene in a black Cadillac Escalade. An officer nearby spotted the vehicle, initiated a traffic stop and subsequently arrested the couple, police said.

Both have been charged with assault causing bodily injury. Bond has been set at $3,000 each, according to jail records.

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