Charlotte's spending cuts will be tough to miss

City officials on Thursday detailed spending cuts that residents will notice.

In all, Charlotte city departments will cut $10 million in expenses to make up for a decline in sales tax and user fees – and to protect against further economic decline. The cuts also help cover increases in the fire and police department budgets.

Property taxes, which make up the bulk of the city's revenues, should remain stable through the next fiscal year, Finance Director Greg Gaskins said at the City Council's annual retreat.

City road crew positions will remain unfilled, resulting in fewer repairs to roads and sidewalks. Vacancies in the Solid Waste department mean slower litter removal uptown and a decline in street sweeping.

Gaskins said that unlike some other cities, Charlotte's economy was strong through the end of June, so this is the first fiscal year the budget has been hit by the downturn.

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