Libraries are priceless resource for many in recession

Seven people huddled behind computers, each looking for a thread.

A job-search Web site they hadn't heard of before.

A tip on writing the kind of resume that employers are looking for these days.

The off chance that, by getting out of the house, they would run into someone who might have an "in" somewhere.

In these hard economic times, public libraries nationwide have become a hub for people looking for help.

Free help.

"I'm basically broke," said Mike Elrod, who was one of seven people attending a recent job-seekers class offered by the Kansas City Public Library. "The library not only provides these classes, but they"re free.

"When you have no money, that becomes an excellent opportunity."

The American Library Association reports that even as public libraries face budget cuts, they are seeing a surge of patrons who are turning to them for free resources, for education and entertainment.

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