Bellingham's 428-home Cordata project could have park, trails, new connector road

BELLINGHAM - A developer who has redesigned his 428-home project in north Bellingham wants to put a 3.5-acre park, bus pullouts, three miles of trails and a community center into the plan.

Ted Mischaikov's project, called Cordata Country, would keep the same number of housing units as previously approved for the land, but it would change the project's configuration and would use many different types of homes, like cottage houses and row houses. It would be the first time many of these new-to-Bellingham home types, which the city wants to encourage, would be built on a large scale here.

The changes also would include altering which streets get built near the project, which matters to existing Guide Meridian/Cordata neighborhood residents because they badly want access to Aldrich Road and another access point to Meridian Street.

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