Floridians predict bright future for solar energy

Proponents of solar energy say it’s a no-brainer that the Sunshine State should be a national leader in its creation.

But they just as quickly acknowledge that it may be a long slow path to become a solar energy state.

Things like politics, a lack of large expanses of land sometimes needed for solar panel farms, and human nature that is sometimes slow to adopt new things are all obstacles that stand in the way, they say.

Even so, the pursuit of solar could create nearly 100,000 jobs in Florida and attract solar panel and equipment manufacturers. That’s according to a study recently released by Florida TaxWatch, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute.

Robert Weissert, spokesman for the organization, says it’s imperative that Florida move quickly to become a solar energy leader because other states like Michigan and Pennsylvania are already entering the business.

Florida does have some advantages over its competitors, Weissert says.

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