Many workers say trust in their companies is in decline

Do you trust your company to treat you fairly?

While the largest percentage of workers continue to trust their company leaders, more are saying no. Several recent surveys show that employer and employee trust continues to erode under the stress of recession and recovery.

While many workers made sacrifices when the economy crashed in late 2008 and 2009, most companies continue to impose those sacrifices even though profits nationally have snapped back.

Millions of laid-off workers remain out of work; in fact, layoffs continue. And many of the still-employed haven't had salary and 401(k) cuts restored.

Throw in risk-taking, big bonuses and a lack of contrition on Wall Street and you've got the ingredients for worker cynicism, anger and suspicion of managers' motives.

All that mistrust has real consequences: low morale, worse customer service, even labor unrest, say experts. And, while it might not result in a lot of turnover right now, it certainly will when the labor market thaws, they say.

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