No tickets yet for drivers giving money to panhandlers

City leaders announced in early May they were taking an unusual tack to address the problem of panhandlers on street corners: They were going after the drivers who handed money out their car windows.

Some warnings were issued during a grace period. But not a single citation to a driver has been issued, police said Wednesday.

Panhandlers packed up their operation every time the traffic cops showed up, even though their vehicles, while unmarked, are not disguised as civilian cars, said traffic Sgt. Justin Doll.

Officers with the Community Action Policing team were assigned to target drivers giving to panhandlers, but also didn't write any tickets, said Lt. Garry Gilliam.

Panhandlers seem to have shifted their business to shopping center parking lots, Gilliam said. He said he's going to start working with the businesses to get them to force the panhandlers off private property.