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Eyman, partners will split $173,000

Tim Eyman and his initiative partners will share a salary fund of more than $173,000 for their 2006 labors, even though they failed to qualify for the ballot last year.

Eyman said Wednesday that he and Jack and Mike Fagan, a father-son duo from Spokane who help run the conservative-leaning initiative factory, will split the money that contributors mailed to a compensation fund.

Eyman, the frontman and media personality who also runs a fraternity watch business from his Mukilteo home, will get $86,743. The Fagans will each get $43,372, half Eyman's take.

Eyman, who once got in trouble for secretly creating a salary fund from regular donations without telling backers, now keeps the salary fund separate from the campaign treasury. The three draw no pay during the signature-gathering phase, but later they send out a solicitation letter for retroactive compensation.

Last year, coming off a successful 2005 campaign to require performance audits of state and local programs and agencies, they divided $209,000 in salaries.

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