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DeBolt on his challenger and Gonzales

Rep. Richard DeBolt, the state House Republican leader from Chehalis, just got back from the Grand Canyon, so he missed the story on Democrat Mike Rechner announcing a second challenge to him.

For the record, DeBolt said it wasn’t a surprise.

”I knew he was going to announce, and it’s going to be negative. He’s a negative person. He’s running against me, he’s not running for the seat,” DeBolt said.

Just to be fair, here’s what Rechner said in his announcement: “The incumbent isn't working for 'we the people' anymore. After he got elected 10 years ago, we still have a dangerous stretch of two-lane interstate, our children aren't getting the education they need to compete against the billions of kids in China and India, and our unemployment is still among the highest in the state.”

In other news, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned. This was a surprise for DeBolt (and a lot of other people, too.), “especially after the president stands up for you. But this whole administration, it’s time for it to be over.”

DeBolt said he didn’t expect Bush to factor into the race for president all that much. Indeed, he predicted the current field of candidates will not factor into it all that much, either.

“My prediction is it will be Fred Thompson versus Al Gore. Because I don’t think people want anybody that’s running know. They want a fresh perspective,” he said.