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Williams denounces “hate group” in Plan B fight

Rep. Brendan Williams says he’ll be participating in a rally today against Ralph’s Thriftway in Olympia. The storeowners, including Kevin Stormans, refuse to allow their pharmacy to stock the emergency contraceptive Plan B.

That issue has been a controversy for a year, resulting most recently in a lawsuit against the state over a new rule requiring pharmacists to dispense legal prescriptions. Stormans is in on that lawsuit and so is the Alliance Defense Fund.

Williams, an Olympia Democrat, called the Alliance Defense Fund “a far-right hate group that does not represent my community’s values,” in a press release.

The release cited reasons for the description:

[T]he ADF led efforts to force continued life support for brain-dead Terri Schiavo in Florida; has fought efforts to curb harassment of women’s health clinics; has insisted upon the right of a public school teacher to teach Christianity in his classroom; and has encouraged corporations to allow workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians.

The fund is also involved in a local lawsuit over one man’s request to place a Nativity in the Capitol.

No doubt the Fund does not agree with Williams characterization of it as a hate group. We’ve put in a call and post their response.

UPDATE: Alas, we did not get an official response from ADF. We did, however, talk to Kevin Stormans, co-owner of the store, who said:

I’m surprised by Brendan’s intolerant feeling there. I think this group has different feelings than him or other people. But we ought to respect those differences, and not call each other names. I certainly don’t do that to other people.