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Don't go near the shore

Or you might fall in the water. In a post involving Rep. Brendan Williams’ description of the Alliance Defense Fund as a “hate group” last week, we included a blurb from his press release. Here’s a longer version of it:

“The group representing Stormans in litigation, the Alliance Defense Fund, is a far-right hate group that does not represent my community’s values,” states Williams. Among other causes, the ADF led efforts to force continued life support for brain-dead Terri Schiavo in Florida; has fought efforts to curb harassment of women’s health clinics; has insisted upon the right of a public school teacher to teach Christianity in his classroom; and has encouraged corporations to allow workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians.

The story was about the local fight over dispensing Plan B (and not everybody agrees with William’s assessment of ADF, read the story for more.) But Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo’s brother, apparently found the blog post and confused our quoting Williams with our making a medical diagnosis. He wrote via email:

For you to state that Terri was “brain dead” is either a purposeful attempt to influence your readers or a failure to take the time to conduct any research into the facts of Terri’s condition. More importantly however, making this type of careless and false claim is offensive to her memory.

We’re not reporting on Terri Schiavo, really. But if you’re interested, Schindler included a link to his sister’s autopsy report.

On a side note, one reader asked if we could link to William’s original press release. Unfortunately, as the reader also found no doubt, the press release page on William’s Website stops at June 29. We’d urge you to read the story on the issue linked above, in which Williams’ reasserts his “hate group” claim

UPDATE: Here is the link to the press release.