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Challenge to annexation withdrawn

The sponsor of a referendum to overturn a new state annexation law says he is pulling the plug on the Referendum 72 effort before Saturday’s signature deadline.

“We are in a position where we do not have enough signatures to qualify for the ballot,” sponsor Jerry Galland said Tuesday. He declined to say how short of the threshold – nearly 121,000 valid voter signatures – he was.

R-72 was aimed at overturning Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5808, which deals with how annexations affect firefighters. It will take effect Sunday. SB 5808 also changes annexation law, eliminating a referendum requirement when a fire district, annexing municipality and county reach an agreement. Galland wanted to block that provision.

Galland still has a court challenge pending in King County Superior Court, arguing that the bill violates a single-subject rule. No hearing is set.

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