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State takes action against care providers

The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary actions against the following health care providers in Thurston and Lewis counties.

In October, the Registered Counselor Program charged Gregory Crivello with unprofessional conduct for allegedly having a romantic relationship with a patient.

In October, the Massage Practitioner Program granted the application of Britni Ann Webber and placed conditions against her license. She was convicted of minor in possession/consumption, possession of methamphetamine, driving under the influence and minor in possession of alcohol. She must comply with conditions on her license.

In November, the Nursing Assistant Program amended the statement of charges against certified nursing assistant Jerome C. Martin. He was convicted of malicious mischief – domestic violence.

In November, the Nursing Assistant Program denied the application of Claire Catherine Ellis. She agreed to relinquish her licenses to practice as a registered nurse in Florida and Connecticut. She failed to disclose the actions on her application. She can’t reapply for three years.

In November, the Nursing Assistant Program denied the applications of certified nursing assistant Alicia Ann Oleachea. She was convicted of theft.