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Under the Dome for Feb. 6

Good morning. Today is Saturday, Feb. 6, the 27th day of the 60-day legislative session.


The House Ways and Means Committee plans an all-day session to deal with fiscal measures that have cleared other committees. The deadline for fiscal bills is Tuesday.

Tuesday was the House deadline for policy bills, and Friday was the Senate’s. The Senate deadline is Tuesday for fiscal and transportation measures. Feb. 16 is the deadline for bills to be passed off the floor of their house of origin.


The Senate genuflected, in a sense, to the Boeing aerospace company Friday, passing Senate Resolution 8676, congratulating the company on its role in the state economy. Republican Sen. Mike Hewitt of Walla Walla sponsored the measure, and several members of both parties joined him in signing the message.


An effort to license and regulate tanning parlors is moving ahead, as House Bill 2652 cleared its second House committee.

Critics of the establishments say they are a danger to people, especially teen girls, who don’t realize they are increasing their risk of skin cancer with regular “fake-and-bake” sessions.

Compiled by Brad Shannon; contributions from Jordan Schrader and Maks Goldenshteyn