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OLYMPIA: Representative considering court run

State Rep. Brendan Williams says he’s considering a run for the state Supreme Court.

The Olympia lawmaker said he was prodded by friends who share concerns about the influence of special interests and the work of Justice James Johnson, the court’s clearest conservative.

Johnson is one of three justices seeking re-election this year.

Williams, who calls himself a progressive Democrat, is leaving the Legislature after three terms. Two fellow lawmakers from the liberal wing of the House Democratic Caucus have floated a draft-Williams effort in the form of a Facebook page, Williams said.

“There has been a draft effort that some of my colleagues put together,” Williams said this week. “Candidly, it’s not something I had thought of prior to their efforts. However, having clerked at the Supreme Court for 21/2 years and being very familiar with the work of justice, it’s something I’ll look into.”