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State grant to help Vader's ailing water system

Lewis County leaders accepted a $15,000 grant Monday from the state's Department of Health to help facilitate taking over Vader's troubled water system, according to The Chronicle of Centralia.

The money would be used to develop and demonstrate a plan to operate the system, Lewis County Senior Planner Barbara Kincaid told county commissioners during their weekly meeting. “This has been a long-standing problem. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a boil-water advisory,” Lewis County Commissioner Ron Averill said.

This year, the Department of Health threatened to put the city on a permanent boil-water advisory if steps weren’t taken to fix the problem.

Averill said it was unlikely that the city would be able to handle the issue because of its financial problems. After discovering the city owed various creditors more than $100,000, the city’s credit rating was deemed too low to apply for loans.

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