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UPDATED: Lawmakers adjourn at 4, hailing 'bipartisan' votes

Everyone from lawmakers to Gov. Chris Gregoire was throwing praise around the Capitol for a level of cooperation on a budget crisis. Here is our first take at tomorrow's print story.

The budget deal worth $588 million in cuts, fund transfers and reassignment of federal aid is the first bite at a $1.1 billion problem through June. Gregoire said the two-party cooperation over the past week was a lesson for other states and even Congress on how to get through the effects that the financial crisis is putting on government.

House Bill 3225 passed the House easily on an 86-6 vote and later by 30-9 in the Senate.

Details on the cuts are here at the Legislature’s site.

We'll have more in the Sunday paper.

UPDATE: Gov. Gregoire planned to sign all three bills this evening that lawmakers approved, including SSB 6892, SSB 6893 and HB 3225.