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Farm stand morphing into public market

Jay’s Farm Stand in east Aberdeen is moving to the former Olympic Candy Co. building and will anchor a new Heron Street Public Market, according to the owners.

“It will be like a public market downtown,” Jay Fagerstedt said, adding that the ambition is to emulate the atmosphere of Pike Place Market in Seattle. The stand is moving around Feb. 1.

Fagerstedt also owns and operates produce stands in Rochester and Olympia.

Fagerstedt envisions the Aberdeen farm stand surrounded with local vendors’ stalls. The following vendors are already on board, he said: Lytle Seafoods will sell oysters and Copper River salmon among its wares. Anthony’s will sell homemade sausage. Ocean Shores Bakery and a Mexican bakery also will set up shop.

Locally grown eggs and salsa and guacamole from Las Gallos, a local cafe, will be available, as well as vacuum-packed frozen organic meat, Fagerstedt said. He also will expand the organic produce section and continue to sell organic spices.

The stand is currently located at 906 E. Wishkah St. and has been a fixture there for close to 10 years. The market has outgrown the space and will have triple the space at the new location, Fagerstedt said.

He hopes to have 20 to 30 vendors in the market by summer, when he plans to book outdoor events as well.