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Under the Dome: Tuesday, April 21, the 100th day of the 105-day legislative session


“This bill is about more than prosecuting child pornography traffickers — it’s about rescuing children from sexual abuse.”

— State Rep. David Sawyer, D-Lakewood, on House Bill 1281, his legislation that would provide new funding for Washington’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The measure, which now heads to Gov. Jay Inslee to be signed into law, raises money for the investigative task force by fining convicted child pornographers $1,000 per offending image.


The Legislature has entered its last week of the 105-day regular session. Budget negotiations between the Democratic-led House and the Republican-controlled Senate stalled last week, with Senate leaders insisting that the House vote on its proposed $1.5 billion in tax increases before talks can continue. Democrats in the House have balked at the request, casting doubt on the possibility of a budget deal by Sunday.


The Senate Government Operations and Security Committee will have a public hearing on a proposal to rename Office Building 2 to the Human Services Building. House Concurrent Resolution 4401 will be heard at noon in Hearing Room 2 of the J.A. Cherberg Building.


The House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will hearing a briefing about work being done by the Department of Ecology and the Washington Water Trust to establish water banks for rural water supply needs. The committee meets at 8 a.m. in Hearing Room B of the John L. O’Brien Building.

The House Judiciary Committee will discuss a federal court’s permanent injunction requiring the state to provide mentally ill people with competency evaluations and treatment within seven days of a state judge’s order. The committee meets at 8:30 a.m. in Hearing Room A of the John L. O’Brien Building.


Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, has introduced House Bill 2240, which would require the state to allow out-of-state bidders to compete to build ferries for the state fleet if too few in-state companies submit bids.