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Under the Dome: Friday, April 24, the 103rd day of the 105-day legislative session


“The budget is the spending plan, and in many ways it's no different from a wish list to Santa Claus. It's how you spend it. It's easy to get votes for a budget, but you've got to pay for that.”

– Sen. Andy Hill, R-Redmond, telling the Olympian's editorial board why the House should either give up its demand for $1.5 billion in higher taxes or prove that it has the votes for those taxes.


Lawmakers decided Thursday that they will adjourn their 105-day regular session on Friday, two days early. They have yet to agree on when the Legislature should return in special session to finish writing the next two-year budget.


The Joint Legislative Committee on Water Supply During Drought will discuss water conservation measures voluntarily being undertaken by agricultural producers. The committee will meet at 8 a.m. in Hearing Room 3 of the John A. Cherberg Building.

Gov. Jay Inslee plans to take action on several bills, including Senate Bill 5052, which would require greater oversight of medical marijuana.


Hundreds of teachers are expected to rally at the Capitol Saturday morning to protest legislative plans to scale back Initiative 1351, to mandate the use of statewide testing data in teacher and principal evaluations, and to set pay and benefits that teachers say are insufficient.