95 running for offices in county

The following 95 candidates filed to run for office this year in Thurston County during last week’s five-day filing period. All filings were at the county Auditor’s Office. In races drawing more than two candidates, the primary runoff election is Aug. 18. In races with at least three candidates the names are listed in the order they appear on the primary ballot. The general election is Nov. 3.

Thurston County commissioner, Position 3: Patrick Beehler, Tumwater, Republican; Dan Venable, Thurston County, Democrat; Karen L. Valenzuela, Tumwater, Democrat.

Port of Olympia commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Bill McGregor, Lacey. Position 3: Dave Peeler, Thurston County; Will Stakelin, Rochester; Jeff Davis, Olympia.

Bucoda mayor (nonpartisan): Alan T. Carr, Steven C. Purcell.

Bucoda Town Council (nonpartisan), Position 3: Alan Vanell, Aurora Lopez. Position 5: Andrea Fowler, Javier O. Lopez.

Lacey City Council (nonpartisan), Position 4: Ann L. Burgman, Cynthia Pratt. Position 5: John Darby, Andy Ryder (Cynthia Pratt initially filed, then withdrew for this race). Position 6: Graeme Sackrison, Ron Lawson. Position 7: Virgil S. Clarkson.

Olympia City Council (nonpartisan), Position 4: Karen Veldheer, Amy Tousley, Karen Rogers. Position 5: Janine Gates, Stephen Buxbaum, Jeff Kingsbury. Position 6: Joan Machlis, Jeannine Dellwo Roe. Position 7: Tony Sermonti, Joe Hyer.

Olympia Municipal Court judge (nonpartisan), Position 1: Scott K. Ahlf.

Rainier mayor (nonpartisan): Randy Schleis.

Rainier City Council (nonpartisan), Position 1: Kristin Guizzetti. Position 3: Rick Succow.

Tenino City Council (nonpartisan), Position 1: John J. O’Callahan. Position 3: Frank A. Anderson. Position 4: Rebecca Foster.

Tumwater mayor (nonpartisan): Justin Kover, Joan Cathey, Neil A. McClanahan, David (Dave) Raatz, Pete Kmet.

Tumwater City Council (nonpartisan), Position 4: Betsy Murphy. Position 5: Ed Hildreth. Position 6: Judith Tennant Hoefling.

Yelm mayor (nonpartisan): Ron Harding.

Yelm City Council (nonpartisan), Position 3: Robert W. (Bob) Isom. Position 4: Mike McGowan. Position 5: Jennifer Littlefield, Tracey T. Wood. Position 7: Russ Hendrickson.

Centralia school board (nonpartisan; overlaps Thurston-Lewis counties), Position 1: Michael Kelly, Centralia; Ronald J. Brumbaugh, Centralia. Position 5: Patricia Dolezal, Centralia.

Griffin school board (nonpartisan), Position 4: Neil Falkenburg, Thurston County.

North Thurston school board (nonpartisan), Position 2: Chuck Namit, Lacey. Position 3: Aaron K. Owada, Lacey.

Olympia school board (nonpartisan), Position 2: Allen T. Miller, Olympia. Position 3: Eileen Thomson, Olympia. Position 5: Mark Campeau, Olympia.

Rainier school board (nonpartisan), Position 5: Rebecca Stillings, Rainier.

Rochester school board (nonpartisan), Position 1: Eric R. Johnson, Rochester. Position 5: John Mortenson, Rochester.

Tenino school board (nonpartisan), Position 1: Debbie Lund, Tenino.

Tumwater school board (nonpartisan), Position 1: Rita Luce, Olympia; Bill Proffitt, Littlerock. Position 4: Bob Barclift, Tumwater. Position 5: Janine Ward, Olympia.

Yelm school board (nonpartisan), Position 1: Ed M. Sorger, Thurston County. Position 4: Debbie Edwards, Yelm.

Grand Mound-Rochester Fire District 1 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Maurice W. Dick Jr., Rochester; Calvin Dahl, Rochester.

Lacey Fire District 3 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 1: K. Frank Kirkbride, Lacey; Gene Dobry, Thurston County.

Rainier Fire District 4 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Robert Johnson, Tenino.

Black Lake First District 5 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 1: Dale Britton, Olympia.

East Olympia Fire District 6 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Richard C. Wells, Olympia.

North Olympia Fire District 7 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Richard A. Gleckler, Thurston County.

South Bay Fire District 8 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 3: Arthur G. Getchman, Thurston County.

McLane First District 9 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 1: Dale Putnam, Olympia. Position 2: Rick M. Stevens, Thurston County.

Littlerock Fire District 11 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 3: John Ricks, Tenino.

Tenino Fire District 12 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Everett D. Evans, Tenino. Position 3: John Vanderhoof, Tenino.

Griffin First District 13 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 1: Gary Ray, Thurston County; Mike Peoples, Thurston County.

Munn Lake Fire District 15 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 1: Kyle Baxter, Olympia. Position 2: Rudy H. Horton, Olympia.

Bald Hills Fire District 17 commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 2: Bill Owen, Yelm.

Yelm Fire District commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 3: Orval French, Yelm.

Tanglewilde Parks and Recreation commissioner (nonpartisan), Position 1: John Pirie, Olympia. Position 2: Pat Williams, Lacey; Kevin Bonagofski, Olympia. Position 5: Jerry Griffin, Olympia.

Yelm Cemetery District 2 (nonpartisan), Position 2: Judith M. Cusick, Yelm.

The following six positions drew no candidates last week; a special three-day filing period runs Wednesday through Friday this week. Rainier City Council, Position 5; Griffin school board, Position 5; Rainier school board, Position 4; Tenino school board, Position 5; Gibson Valley Fire District 16, Position 1; Grand Mound Cemetery District 1, Position 2.