Eyman initiative to limit revenue makes ballot

Professional initiative promoter Tim Eyman’s latest effort, Initiative 1033, has qualified for the Nov. 3 ballot.

It would impose general-fund revenue limits on the state, cities and counties and would shift any excess funds above the limit into property-tax relief. Governments could exceed the limit with voter approval; the limit also would increase each year to reflect inflation and population growth.

A check of a sample of the 315,444 voter signatures turned in by Eyman showed a low invalidation rate, about 12 percent, spokesman David Ammons of the Office of the Secretary of State said. A random sample was done of 3 percent of the signatures, and 976 of 9,614 were deemed invalid.

A coalition of interests including labor, health care and environmental groups opposes Eyman’s measure.

One other measure might qualify for the ballot: Referendum 71, which evangelical groups are sponsoring to overturn new rights granted by the Legislature this year to same-sex couples on the state domestic-partnership registry. The measure needs a little more than 120,000 signatures by July 25 to qualify, and backers said recently that they have about 75,000.